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Where do I need a gazebo?

Outdoor BBQ Outdoor Events Day/Night Market Day/Night Camping
  1. When you are planning for your upcoming events,our ToughOut Gazebo will be your best choice. Especially suitable for your Outdoor BBQ, Outdoor Events, Day/Night Market and Day/ Night Camping.
  2. Team TreasureBox has been using these awesome gazebos several times; we brought it mainly to our staff event.
  3. There is a significant portion of our customers who have purchased a 3m x 3m gazebo for night markets or farmer markets.

Easy Set Up




Model Series Difference


Which series shall I go with?

We would first suggest you to think about purpose.

Breeze is designed for short term use in general, as it is cheaper than renting a gazebo just for a weekend. It would be the best choice if you have a function or outdoor event coming up that is not ongoing regularly.

Thunderstorm as the upgraded version of Breeze in general – which it is made with thicker and heavier material; allows for more regular and longer use.

The thin material used is not necessarily a bad thing, as it becomes the most cost-effective choice. Light weight would make it much easier when it comes to transport and of course cut on transport cost.

We have then brought in a new lightweight model of Zephyr – which it is specifically designed for people who intent to set up a gazebo on their own!

For those of you still renting a gazebo for night markets:

Renting a 3m x 3m gazebo would cost you $30 per DAY! You will find it hard to get away with rentals if it ends up damaged during use. So it is not hard to see why we recommend Thunderstorm Gazebos for farmers or night market vendors.


All Toughout Gazebos Come With

Side Wall

Canopy Side Wall

All Toughout gazebos come with a 3-sided wall (exc. Zephyr Series), that is one single piece wraps around the frame. And it cannot roll up one of side wall.


Accessories & Bags

we have now got most of everything you need to set up a gazebo, check out for our range of Gazebo Accessories.



Zephyr 6 months Breeze 6 months Thunderstorm 12months

Reasons of damage:

We'd like to call it a 'parachute effect' as the gazebo canopy does not have a vent, therefore, when gusts strikes, the force pushes gazebos upwards and even a pegged gazebo could be pulled straight out sometimes.

So by considering your safety and others, anything loose or could potentially be loose should be removed on a windy day, even it started tight.

The next best option is to always put as much weight on as possible, evenly distributed especially on four corners.