When you hear the words metal detector, the very first thing that might come to your mind would be the security equipment installed at different establishments to make sure somebody might not carry some harmful metal object along. But there are some other varieties available as well that are used to serve different purposes. A look at our electronics section would reveal that there are detectors that can make a perfect toy for your kids who love treasure hunting more than anything else. We bring a range of metal detectors that would help you identify a variety of different metals with their inbuilt capabilities. However, they can’t just be your kids’ treasure hunting toy but can serve a lot of other useful purposes as well. Lost your earring at a party? Can’t find the electric cable’s exact location? Lost that small sewing needle? Well, your metal detector can help you find every little metal object rather easily. The tool comes with quite a few exclusive features as well and the most prominent of them all is the water proof search coil built into it to allow for detecting metal objects even in shallow waters. Adjustable length, battery indicator, tangle-less design, and a built in headphone jack all make these products a wonderful tool to have on your arsenal. Invest in one now!

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