Having a dog crate ready is considered to be essential along with all other accessories when you welcome your new dog home. There are always occasions when you need to keep them inside and most often when you have to travel with your dog. You would realise that there are times where your dog would love spending some time alone, chewing on a snack bone or simply have an undisturbed nap time. A right size dog crate would make your dog feel comfortable with enhanced sense of security, and it would also save you a lot of trouble such as when you have guests at home. TreasureBox chooses dog crates carefully to ensure it will be a most practical item when you need it the most, so we selected the metal dog crates with multiple access doors allow it to be placed almost anywhere to adapt to your dog’s favourite spot. Doors with latches simply offer more options where you could choose to lock it up when you drive your dog off to the beach or signing your parcel off from a courier. You could find these dog cages from BINGO all featuring foldable design as you would want to save up storage space when it is not in use, what’s even better is that it also comes with a carrier handle allowing easy transport when folded up. Not a single tool is needed to fold it up or unfold it, simply get the job done in seconds and it is all ready to serve its purpose. Shop for the most versatile metal dog crates from TreasureBox and discover your dog’s new favourite place.

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  1. Bingo Dog Cage 30" 77 x 48 x 54cm Bingo Dog Cage 30" 77 x 48 x 54cm
    Bingo Dog Cage 30" 77 x 48 x 54cm
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