Step into timeless elegance with the Capos Range, an exquisite assembly of furniture that stands out in style and stature. Drenched in a signature mocha hue, this collection resonates with vintage allure, fitting seamlessly into diverse living spaces. Expertly crafted from premium solid wood, each item showcases graceful metal handles that underscore its refined texture and design.

Within the Cabos Range, discover a curated selection of dressers, bed frames, and bedside tables. Whether you're looking to mix and match with your existing decor or curate a cohesive look, Cabos offers versatility. Explore the Cabos Range today and find the perfect ensemble to redefine your home!

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  1. Cabos Solid Acacia Wood 4 Drawer Tallboy - Mocha
    Cabos Solid Acacia Wood 4 Drawer Tallboy - Mocha
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