For those of us with unpredictable lifestyles, it is quite normal to have insufficient time to keep up a gym schedule. The greatest advantage of home gym is that it's always convenient for you to decide when and where to exercise and that's why we need to build a home gym.

At TreasureBox you will find a wide range of Home Gym Equipment to fit every training level and different sizes of euipements, all those machines allow youto work out when and where you want at your home. We provide a wide variety of high quality Exercycle and Vibration Machine which can help you to keep up with your daily exercise routine.

If your budget is limited or unsure what equipment that you might need, then you should consider to choose from our affordable mini stepper as a start. As time goes on, you can get some new Weights Bars, Weight Benches, Inversion Table or other gym equipment to reach your fitness goals. Even when you are seeking yoga equipment, we have got them all covered.

Cancel your gym membership and start to choose your personel gym equipment at Treasurebox NZ, so you'll never leave your home gym and loving it.

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Home Gym

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  1. 24KG Adjustable Dumbbell 24KG Adjustable Dumbbell

    24KG Adjustable Dumbbell
    Regular Price $189 Special Price $163
    Earn 163 Treasure Coins Golden Coin
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  2. Yoga Resistance Rubber Band Fitness Equipment
    ClearanceFREE SHIPPING

    Yoga Resistance Rubber Band Fitness Equipment
    Regular Price $18.89 Special Price $15.74
    Earn 15 Treasure Coins Golden Coin
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