TreasureBox is proud to introduce ToughOut Gazebo in 2015 and it has brought us so many surprises on how it got accepted by lovely kiwis not long after it was brought to the New Zealand market, and we have then made thousands of sold number within first 12 months time of these pop up gazebo.   At the beginning, there was only Breeze Pop Up Gazebo which it is easy-carrying with its handy light weight design, made with durable waterproof canopy and powder-coated steel frame. TreasureBox then realized it was not enough to suit everyone’s needs, so we have then introduced Thunderstorm Pop Up Gazebo, made with much tougher, thicker and heavier materials in order to fulfill more purposes. Results has shown ToughOut Pop Up Gazebo became popular and well known where you could easily find them in the mall functions, outdoor events, farmers markets and night markets.  Shop the best Pop Up Gazebo that suits your purpose the best at TreasureBox as we surely wouldn’t let you down!

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Gazebo Size: 3 x 4.5m
Gazebo Colour: Grey
Series: Thunderstorm
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The benefits of owning a pop-up gazebo

If you do not want a permanent canopy sitting in your back yard, but still want to make most use of it, a pop-up gazebo with its easy setup, effortless style and simple maintenance would benefit you in many ways.

A gazebo is an all-year-round instant shelter

Pop-up gazebos that due to is easy pops feature and light weight that could provide you instant shade and shelter whenever and wherever you would like it to be. Gazebo features a soft polyester roof that provides you with the ultimate protection from both sun and rain. It is not only helps you against UV during the hot New Zealand summer but also capable of sheltering you from wind and rain through wintertime.

Gazebo can be a great social boost

One of the benefits of a gazebo is that it is versatile, you can have a lot of ways to make use of it.
You could use your gazebo to create a craft area for your little ones and helping them to get into fresh air with exposure to strong UV or to worry about them getting wet. Or you can take your gazebo to the beach or local par for a fun day out without considering too much of the weather. Small business owners can use a gazebo for events or night market or customize print their logo on the gazebo roof to promote the business.

Gazebo is portable

A popup gazebo is portable that you can easily set it up by gently pulling the frame apart and pushing fold into a compact size in a few minutes. It is allowing you to easily transfer from one location to another which make your use of the gazebo much handier.

Gazebo is easy maintain

Unlike the permanent canopy, pop-up gazebo is also easy to maintain. Following the step to ensure your gazebo in great condition.

Setting up – Stand your gazebo on level ground as much as possible, a wonky gazebo is much less stable during use and it won’t look good.
In use – Secure your gazebo on the ground whenever is possible. Use pegs and ropes when placing your gazebo on the ground or grass. If you are sitting your gazebo on a hard floor, a gazebo water base or gazebo sand bags would be sufficient.
Take down – Gazebo is a temporary shelter and therefore isn’t designed to be left permanently. Never left your gazebo unattended overnight and take it down during bad weather conditions such as heavy wind and rain. If you are looking for something that more permanently, our Awing , Patio Canopy or Carport may suit you more.
Store – it is essential to make sure your gazebo is dry before folded and never force the frame. Buying a decent gazebo bag with wheels will make your storage your gazebo easier and always remember to store it at a safe and dry place.

Final thoughts

Pop-up is a great investment of improving your lifestyle while budget friendly, with a small cost for the number of uses that made them a great must-buy.