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Relocation Information

 Why can’t I pick up anymore from 10/08/2017?


A: TreasureBox is now 5 years old and our current warehouse and office are like baby shirt and pants, yes they are way too small for us now, so we are going to move out. Due to this big change, our Henderson pickup centre will be closed from 10th AUG!! We want to apologise in advance for those customers that could get affected and for all the inconvenience this may bring on.



Q: What is going to happen to my order?


A: The process of online orders will not change but you won’t be able to see pick up order as an option.



Q: What is the alternative option?


A: We offer very cheap and competitive shipping prices to our local Auckland city deliveries.



Q: I live outside of Auckland and will it affect to my order?


A: No. Not at all, we will still be dispatching our daily orders during transitional times. We aim to dispatch 100% daily orders however we do apologise for occasional delays. 



Q: What else shall I know?


A: There may not be a receptionist there to take phone calls from 14/08 – 23/08 but we are going to try our best to do so.  Our after-sales team will be operating as usual so please do get in touch via contactus@treasurebox.co.nz  for all enquiries.