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Retail Receptionist and Sales Assistant

Job Description

**About the role

We are looking for Full Time / Part time/ Receptionists Sales Assistant to join out team.

This job will offer you:

· Plenty of working hours, stable income

· Friendly and nice team and working environment.

Job Description


Your role will involve:

· Work mainly in showroom as front desk receptionist and sales assistant.

· Working on roster arrangement, need to work over the weekend when busy season

· Processing customer pickup orders and onsite created orders.

· Providing assistant to customers on site

· Cooperate with other department such as customer service group and warehouse group.

· Maintain showroom in a good order.

· Always give positive response when teams need the support and assistant

If it is the job you are looking for, please email your CV to mailto:jobs@treasurebox.co.nz

Job Details

Treasurebox 6 Ingot Place Silverdale Auckland New Zealand

Permanent Full-time

Warehouse Supervisor




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