Welcome to TreasureBox – we are 100% kiwi owned and operated home and lifestyle online shopping store, trading 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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What we do?

TreasureBox is operated by a group of young, passionate, and ambitious people that are working diligently towards the same goal - make your every dollar count, as we believe you deserve something better. More, Fast, Good, and Economize, are the four main values of TreasureBox that every member possesses. They are undeniably contributing their youth and vitality in order to fulfil these values to provide devoted customers the best online shopping experience possible.


Our marketing team have searched beyond Aotearoa, and travelled across the globe to find the best brands, and manufacturers available to bring you several range of good quality products with more reasonable price scale and feature options. The more, the merrier!


Every department works in a synchronised and efficient way to ensure customers’ satisfaction. We take customers’ concerns and feedback seriously, giving us more room for improvement in every aspect of our company. Professional dispatch team ensures that your orders are picked and packed accurately with speed and care.


ToughOut, Bingo, and Betalife – these are the branded suppliers that were carefully inspected and selected by our brilliant marketing team. As the only registered reseller of these brands here in New Zealand, we are proud to offer you the best value, supreme quality, and best service to provide the best online shopping experience possible.


We are not the cheapest, but we are trying our best to save every dollar that we could to grant you more savings on shopping with us. In other words, you may spend the same amount of money for products in other market, but you will absolutely get better quality products, and service from us, TreasureBox – Make every dollar count!

Our Story

TreasureBox began in June 2012 , fully based on TradeMe trading channel, with 2 employees. We started from a small office with a 200m2 storage. (We won’t tell you that was a garage in Dunedin)
Dispatch centre in Dunedin TreasureBox had its first formal dispatch centre in Dunedin, with 800m2 storage area. We also started to have our own customer service team, composed of 5 employees by that time.
Auckland branch started. First dispatch centre in Auckland located at 13 Enterprise Drive, Henderson.
First container. Very first container arrived on this 1000m2 Auckland warehouse. Branch operation started from then on.
TreasureBox website. First launch of our online shopping website www.treasurebox.co.nz. Instead of trading on TradeMe alone, we have decided to have our own online shopping website, and pool of loyal customers. We had a total of 8 employees at that time.
Auckland warehouse. Here's a sneak peek of our warehouse located at 13 Enterprise Drive, Henderson Auckland.
TreasureBox Christmas Party
New TreasureBox. New version of www.treasurebox.co.nz has been launched. This was the TreasureBox website operating until Christmas 2016.
Heremai Warehouse. As we were running out of space from Henderson Auckland warehouse, we have decided to occupy a temporary warehouse located in Heremai Street (Henderson) to cope up with the upcoming busy Christmas season.
TreasureBox Christmas Party
Swanson Warehouse. We realised that we were starting to run out of space once again, and so we have decided to occupy another 1750m2 dispatch centre located in Swanson Road.
TradeMe South Island People Pleaser Award. TreasureBox was awarded the winner of TradeMe South Island People Pleaser Award.
Pick Up Centre. As the people's demand for a pick up option increased, we came up to a decision to open our very first pick up centre.
TreasureBox Christmas Party
We make your every dollar count. Over 4 years of hard working, as of today, we have 3 dispatch centres, over 3500m2 of warehouses, millions of stocks, and more than 30 employees. One mission became the core of the company, and that is to - make your every dollar count!
Thank you for all your consistent help over the past 5 years, we will work hard and provide a better service for you.
We opened the showroom We opened the showroom to offer you a marvellous shopping experience. As we were starting to run out of space from Rosedale, so we will occupy another dispatch centre in the end of this year.

Meet Our Team

CEO / Director
Mastermind of TreasureBox. Whenever it's sunny, you will most likely find Eric fishing, and eating spicy chicken wings. He is a positive thinking generous man who is never afraid of challenges. His not-so-hidden talent is singing.
Product Manager
Everything's possible. Everything should be better than the best. - These are her motto in order to achieve success. She's the all-around "Superwoman", and walking dictionary of TreasureBox. Onion is her kryptonite.
Office Manager
Annie takes care of countless tasks within the company yet she still knows how to have fun and still got time to prepare yummy lunch every day. She provides exceptionally enjoyable treats for everyone in the office. Thank you Annie. ^^
IT Department Manager
The "Superman" of TreasureBox. Internet down or slow? Computer not working? What's for lunch? Where's a good restaurant? Go to David.
Website Developer
He's a man of few words. He is an efficient team player and a hard working lad.
Front-End Designer
Crystal is known for her simple yet creative designs. She is a very approachable young woman, and easy to get along with.
Marketing Team
Also known as the "Charlie Puth" of TreasureBox. He's a natural stand-up comedian in the office. Bored or stressed with all things going on in your life? Talk to Gar, your go-to karaoke and drinking buddy.
Marketing Assistant
Sweet darling at work in the morning, and a diva by night, that's our Cham. She is also known for her sweet delicacies and different OOTD for work. #ootd #wokeuplikethis
Customer Service Team
She has the energy and patience to lead you towards the solution. She is an adorable young mum. She thinks everyone is adorable. She won't last a day without saying "adorable".
Customer Service Team
According to him, he's a Bruce Willis look-a-like.
Customer Service Support
This lady has the most patience in the company, who spends most of her time on products, parts, and little details.
Customer Service Team
The face you will see all the time if you come to visit us a lot. Her smile is like of an angel, who is always available to help.
Auckland Branch Dispatch Supervisor
He has all the positive characteristics a supervisor could have. Nothing to be worried about on how your order is being handled. Sideline position of TreasureBox's party organiser.
Auckland Branch Storage Supervisor
Gym junkie. Meat and Beer are his bros. He has a pet bird and a dog.
Dunedin Branch Supervisor
We just recently unlocked his talent of being a rock star. He is going to have his first album soon (real soon), make sure you listen to it.
Dunedin Warehouse Team
Glenn is a hardworking man with big dreams. He loves sunny days and football.
Customer Service and Support Team
Will always try their best to help you
You have never met them in person, while we believe you must have talked to one of them if you have any enquiries or issues. Fatima, Leo, Charie and other team members will always try their best to help you.
Warehouse and Purchase Teams
Takes good care of your orders
As two of the largest departments, they are the ones working hard only behind the screen, you will never know who they are, where they are, or what are they doing. But without them, we can never archive our goal: make your every dollar count.